Monday, 23 October 2017

Helpful Tips To Plan An Open-Air Party

Mostly, people love to dine in the house or in a restaurant. Recently, alfresco dining in Rye has picked up some popularity and people now prefer to eat in the open air. There are specific reasons for eating out in the open and some special occasions that call for such a seating but you should not set any limitations on it. Provided that the arrangements are properly made, the whole experience can be refreshing for everyone.

If you are planning a lunch or a dinner in the fresh air, then surely it is not going to be simple. Even the most experienced planners can get nervous because planning a gathering indoors is easier than outdoors. The reason is that the environment of indoor dining is controlled and can be managed but the outdoors can test the limits of one’s management abilities and thus requires a keen eye. If you are planning such a party, here are a few tips to help you:

The Furniture

The furniture that is used for outdoor seating must not only provide the guests with a place to sit down and eat, it should also match the theme of the event. This means that you arrange the furniture that is in accordance with the need of the event. For example, a birthday party will need a solid pine picnic table.

Table Dressing

People will take this part casually because it is not something that they think is important. You, as a planner should know, that when eating in the open, there are no walls to hang decorations. The decorative elements, therefore, are the tablecloths and the things placed on them like miniature vases or flowers. When you are planning alfresco dining in Rye, these small details give the illusions of a larger arrangement.

Similarly, choosing the right placemats, glassware and china dishes are important because it will decide the theme of your arrangement. If you go for a more traditional taste, then it will make things more formal. If you’re going for a casual gathering then mix up different colors of tablecloths, plates and fun designs of silverware to create a playful atmosphere. Mix in more colors with multi-color napkins and pillar candles.

Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangements can include the making of scripted cards should be made for each guest that will be attending. Then the cards can be placed at the tables so each person knows where they have to sit.